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Why not pray instead of worry?


Prayer Goddess
Using affirmative prayer techniques, the blessings and prayers contained here, are
meant to be prayed in the first person. Results are miraculous! Be at one with Spirit
through prayer and change the energy of your situation.

The power of our thoughts and words are a mighty force. Why not pray instead of
worry? Why not affirm a satisfying outcome for everyone concerned, opening up your
channels for the love of God to pour out a blessing on you?

Choose a prayer….. many can be customized to your situation…. Print it out, pray
believing and know that a blessing is rushing to meet you now.

Featured Prayer
Prayer for Aging Parents
Blessed Breath of God, of Life, breathe through me now. In this moment, I feel the sweet
and merciful fullness of God in me. I have the wisdom, grace and love of God filling my soul.

Precious God, as I watch my aging {parents, mother, father, grandmother, step father, etc} change and move through the cycles of life, I am filled with emotion. Help me to be a patient
and loving adult child in this experience. Show me how to honor my feelings and how to be
aware of all the lessons and gifts you have for me in this experience....more

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